| Fresh collection - Vol. I |

Fresh collection – Vol. I

Solemn lines and intense colours, that is how the Fresh concept was defined.
Furnitures designed for a lifestyle that is adventurous, positive, lively, daring, energetic and full of life, like a breath of fresh air.

We were hired to create images for a high-quality printed catalog to showcase the new FRESH series. The look was defined by soft and natural lighting, surrounded by ample space and minimal decor. Eventually we created 18 different sets for 6 different collections, shooting a total of 69 images for the FRESH series. We are very pleased to share a small part of the final work.

Our client, Sanchis Muebles de Baño, is a family enterprise where seriousness and professionalism have been present for 60 years.

In collaboration with Isho Design, in charge of the art direction and layout.

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