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Moflo Estudi comes alive in 2014 initiated by two colleagues, Mario Juan Mompó and Ismael Langers. The passion for video and photography, mixed with technology is what brings us together. Since then, hard work and long hours have kept us busy, always striving for our best. We consider ourselves fortunate to be working with the people that surround us and grateful for the community of artists that share our passion.

As for our education, we both obtained a degree as technical engineers for industrial design and spent one year in Milan at the Politecnico di Milano, exploring photography and film courses. Our knowledge as CG artists is mostly self taught with the help of great CG artist in the industry. In 2017 we attended the first three-day workshop imparted by Adán Martín, “Keys to Photorealism in 3D”. Adán Martín is on of the best educators in recent years, consulting for the most renowned firms in the industry. As of 2018 we are also certified users of the Corona render engine, verified by the Corona Academy.

Over the years, we have completed a plethora of projects primarily focusing on set visualisation for furnishing and ceramic tiles. We craft high-resolution images for print, together with creative studios and our clients in-house designers, in order to achieve contemporary aesthetics that fit our clients brand. Our clientele relies on our expertise to craft the look and mood they desire, in order to evoke the emotional connection their images need.

Moflo Estudi is a visualisation and image making practice, specialising in architectural visualisation and product renderings, operating out of Valencia.

Welcome to our venture.